lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

709529 LOVE STRUCK: When obsession wears nail polish

Photo by Norma Vila.

The memoirs of a lonesome lady searching for Love and desire over and under her nails is probably one of the most striking visions one can ever behold. Lyn just attended a fascinating motion picture that left her breathless and forgetting that by the end of the movie the salty flavor between her lips was not coming from the pop corn but, without noticing, it was coming from biting and chewing her own nails. In this story, a terrified girly named Solimar, lost in the search for the love of deceased pop and ma, walked and walked and walked miles in the retrieve of a soft spot in her golden heart but what she found left her heart colder that a snow storm falling by a seashore. Throughout the story Lyn walked through the land of broken dreams and had visions of many things, certain familiar places in Lyns heart and eyes.

Madame actress Tisha Tikina Burgos hugged and broke Lyns heart with her suppa characterization of Solimar. Monsieur Pantojas, Solimar's Best Girla …what can Lyn say…was Monsieur Pantojas, and everybody Loves Pantojas no matter what. Miranda Purcell who played Kishas character when she was very young stole Lyns heart and threw it away letting it float for a while like a flavorful life saver candy. Actress Madame Dolores Pedro played Perpetue, the wife of bad boy Roberto, and Roberto’s Mother actress Rosie Berrido, was The Motherload of talent that for a moment produced in the theatre the sound of hundred chuckling oysters with her matriarchal attitude but also made you stick your fingernails to your soft velvet seat when goings went tough with her. Actor Ivan Camilo characterized Roberto a Dominican Papi who plays the role of Perpetue’s husband and/or Solimar lover and judging for his looks no wonder somebody would chase him like a bug hitting the dead end of a neon electrified lamp.

The music for this movie is the hippest of all. Lyn will be waitin for a soundtrack to come to a near shoppin mall. It includes Divalicious Rita Indiana and Sylvia Rexach among other jewels of Caribbean composer singers and writers. Can’t wait to watch som people dancing to the rhythm of electronic bachata/merengue and som boleros while getting their own nails done. This could become a cult soundtrack that even Almodovar would buy and start chewing his own nails thinkink “damn! Why didn’t I…!

The end of the girly/women story called UNDER MY NAILS is unexpected, exactly the same way Love leaves you sometimes. Once Lyn heard someone say, “Blessed are they who expect nothing because everything is profit”, and believe Lyn, this wonderful movie has all the potential to grab u and take u places without your own consent so just be aware of every single detail you watch and hear and feel. The rest will be Puerto Rican motion picture history and that Lyn will hopefully be seeing in a close future like… right NOW. Two thumbs up with lovely well-done manicures to Tisha Tikina Burgos, Ari Maniel Cruz and da rest of the producers.

jueves, 6 de octubre de 2011

CHUMALACATERA MAQUINOLANDERA: The hippest BEST kept secret in town

"no me hables tanta bobera/ no seas tan pamplinera/ estoy plantando bandera " - Ismael Rivera

Certainly Cafetín El Reyno @ Corona St. is the place where Lyn can find many services @ once. This wonderland *cafetin owned by Don Tony, the Godfather of Love and chichaito, is for sure one of the places where Lyn have felt the happiest of moments dancin in the streets with way better steps than Bowie and Jagger. 

Located in the truest space, within the neighborhood where Maelo grew up and skiddadle to another world, El Reyno promises you more than blissful heavenly canecas of chichaito and the best vellonera music dressed up like an Ipod showing of buttylicious mamisongas while you can play from Ismael Riveras greatest HITS to outta this world Enanitos Verdes.  The drinks can be bought through a little tiny winy window from the outside of the building or you can walk inside and have a ball playing pool on top of a beautiful blue table. Drinks are cheap and neighbor’s hugs and smiles are priceless. Talking about neighbors, YESS, they are the best service you can get over there. When these folks get their Bomba drums and tumbadoras gettoutoffdaway. Besides the truest smiles and hugs you will ever receive you can also get all the best  kept secrets in town starting from love, passion and even how to clean your undies or white gowns to get the whitest of whites while you listen to La Lupe and watch some dudes holding a limbo stick...this is sirius matter and do not expect to be able to attend all these happenings in one night, it is only possible for a local to multitask into this matters. 

Don Tony, the almighty of El Reyno, is a miracle of Love and Lyn knows 4 a fakt. Last time Lyn visited the cafetín Don Tony was not around and was heavily missed. Instead his Dear Family was attending business, as usual, with the same Love and affection that they have inherited from The Patriarch. The example of this is obvious because through the years this heavenly place that have witnessesd joy and mishaps is still for Lyn the best kept secret in town and that Lyn knows for sure when she sees Moorish and Christians dancing together to the rhythm of an anonymous maquinolandera that offers the best she can give u including hughs, kisses and the truest hand slaps you will EVER receive.

*As a matter of fakt Lyn have never seen a coffee machine @ Cafetín El Reyno...Lyn have never missed it anyways...u know?!

martes, 4 de octubre de 2011


Dear friends here Lyn give u a juicy insight. The world off fashion  histery will be written before and after Lyn infiltration inside the world of LE MOD. Our Dear Chief Editor, Nancy Cuebas, has just created a LOVELY videoartpromo utilizing Lyn Famous image. U be da judge. This Lovely Nancy really knows how to pull strings and make her own fashion music...u know?! sais pas?!