viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2011

ENTROPY: Conversation about conversating about the Business of Science and Art in a Global World that leave u thinkin what da hell am I doin here

Lyn recently assisted to a lovely conversation in Metroplataforma organizada which is a hip getoguedaplace for cool artists like moi. During this talk-o-rama conversation Lyn had an epiphany: Artists make Art therefore they are. It was a global reunion and the moderator Mr. Castrodad was so nice to present the happening preceded by an insightful dialogue between Mr. Artist Sebastian Vallejo and Mr. Gorgeous Ralph Vázquez. The globalization of the conversation was guided in Lyns FAVORITE language, broken English English". It was a methodic chaos between Sebastian Vallejo and Gorgeous Ralph very well organized, Lyn might call it glittery entropy. 

The spectators were speechless with such a profound chemical romance between art and science. The business of art was an issue because when artists try 2 enter the business rat race THAT is the greatest off experiments. Mr. Sebastian knows that for a fact and Globalization is the formula...LYN KNEW IT! Picasso came to the panorama as the young artist perfect example of fame and success 2 b followed since Mr. Pablo was a precursor, as Vallejo mentioned and considers, because nobody talks about famous Picasso as the Spaniard artist but as the *Wonderful Global artist.

Charming Sebastian talked about the fact that being the kiddy of a famous Puerto Rican local artist painter is not an easy thing 2 swallow. The shadows of papa doc haunt him and step on his tender heels day and night and even make him get into a wrestling contest against copycatism. It is a BIG issue hard 2 get over with but this kiddo will be ok...Lyn think...Lyn pense...Lyn sais pas!

For a while we heard more artyfakts from the beautiful words of Mr. Ralph full of very important academic data and lablyngo. It was a very helpful presentation from his part, 2 bad no scientists were around. Lyn is pretty sure these absent scientists missed a historic dissertation about art and science.

For a long a while Lyn heard and heard and herd the sheeps of wordily artistic expression even though she missed Miss Collado insight on the theme.

It was a fancy talk that evening and Lyn came out of that scientific chaos platform kinda informed about the business of science and art. On the way out of the platform door, where the experiment took place, Lyn found a very confused Lady that told Lyn that she believed in the national language of art and that left Lyn thinking and scratching her head 4 a while. The Lady was a glamorous museum expert and Lyn told her that it was ok 2 b confused, that what had happened there was a necessary entropy that makes this business of art B what ever it will B will B.

 *Boys and Gials artists 2 B, take note on this scientific formula.

viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2011

CULINARY HIGHLIGHTS: More Sandwich 2 come

This sandwich maker is becomin Lyns favorite. Todays special promise 2 B mouth watering even 4 some wild species. Enjoy the teaser!

MAKING A SANDWICH, N. 2 from pietroc on Vimeo.

martes, 13 de septiembre de 2011


Sebastián Vallejo. Constant flashbacks. 2011

Last Saturday Lyn had the privilege of visiting a very kindaunique buffet. The name of the local Metroplataforma Organizada, if that will b ever possible, Lyn mean 2 organize anything in this exciting organically planned island city. As soon as Lyn entered the fancy state she encountered an eclectic array of delicious food 4 ur eyes-only. Lyn started backwards because dessert was so BIG and brightful that there was no other way 2 get started. The aperitif prepared by young Sebastián Vallejo found in the menu by the name "Constant Flashbacks" left Lyn sighting for the rest of the weekend. The brightly flavored yellow colors and blue and green make u ask for more sweet sour pungent experiences. This buoy cookin is goin places, it has had  already, and Lyn expect 2 see more of his original dishes over the tables of the BEST artsy schmancy affairs arounda World. 

Héctor Arce. Pinneaple Ewer (Black). 2011
                                                                                Fruits are always a must in Lyns diet and off course this plataforma pipol have them available 4 special clients. As a Caribbean global Lady Lyn did not have other choice than 2 ask 4 an exotic black pineapple variety home grown by Mr. Héctor Arce. The variety named after "Pineapple Ewer (Black)" would impress any greedy botanist or biotechnologist and they would make sure to secretly get rid of all possibilities to restrain mankind from taking over this strange edible to avoid confusion in the market. Brightly yellow pineapples nicely and identically shaped will always be the choice for the discriminate eye and who knows about the taste.
Norma Vila. Contador de presagios. 2011
Eggs are a delicacy and non the less the platform 4 this menu has a choice for the ovo lacto vegetarians. Madame Norma Vila, very well known for her extreme culinary experiments with proteins presented us in the menu a beautiful kebab that even Chinese street foodies would like to copycat. The delicacy of this serving made Lyn to rethink out of the eggs box. This ethereal delight serving called "Contador de presagios (maqueta) was fun 2 eat. Count your blessings without shattering them if u dare 2 order this plate. The aftertaste of this "hor d' oeuvre left Lyn reflecting about which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Javier Bosques. Peleando la pámpana. Video. 2009

The main course was a HIT! After the hard-boiled decision, Lyn decided to stick by a wonderful tenderized purple violet pámpano dish called "Peliando la pámpana". Iron Chef Javier Bosques is definitively a risky foodie. Forget about Bourdain or even Andrew Zimmern, this dude would knock them both on da face in the first 2 seconds of the first cooking round and let them begin 4 more pámpano. His fellow culinary artistic cooks above demonstrated to have a glass jaw full of water. Javier's rabbit punch is no fair 2 their fellow opponents but Lyn is not going to kiss and tell.

The over dinner talk was wonderful if only one thing left Lyn and her friends in shock...A HAIR ON DA PLATE! Yes! Immediately José Hernández Castrodad, the manager, apologized. He said that the hair was not just any common hair that it belonged to a sous chef that was about to become their Main Chef Monsieur Omar Obdulio Peña Forty. Castrodad promised no more hair raising experiences and invited Lyn 2 meet the newcomer. Forty and Lyn had a great conversation on capillary epiphanies and mishaps. We both laughed and Mr. Castrodad seemed 2 be relieved by the  whole situation. Everybody was pleased with the ambiance and of course with the menu. Lyn finished the lovely evening washing away the flavors with a cup of Coca Cola and said good bye with the promise of comming back 4 more culinary arts.
   Omar Obdulio Peña Forty. Ilustración de Oller con 
Cerquillo. 20011

domingo, 11 de septiembre de 2011


It has been 10 years since Lyn encountered the face of horror on a TV set. During a lovely morning shoppin @ Plaza and while researching 4 a new 150 inches plasma tv suddenly the programming being showed on the razzle dazzle array of scopearama entertainment display changed. First it was like a toy airplane flyng accross the tube hittin somkinda highrise...Lyn stood there watchin the strange novela until she hit reality, what was goin on there was no game. It was probably 9 in the morning and Plaza was'nt still completely on the go so Lyn could not see anybody else around 2 ask about this novela chapter, only a news anchormen as impressed as Lyn let her know that somthin fishy was goin on. After that the rest is a story that the whole world know...Plaza would never b the same.

Every time Lyn get ready 2 visit the nirvana shopping off the floatin island she rememorates that horrible day when her shoppin dreams almost came 2 and end. Every time Lyn enters Plaza she can not stop thinkin what it will b about the day that her happines shrine dissapears because of som crazy unempathic dude decides that shopping somwhere else will b a better option, that putting all the shopping golden eggs in one basket is no good option and it will 4 ever make u have second thoughts about the way we were as Barbara Streisand woul sing.

sábado, 10 de septiembre de 2011



For the faint of heart here Lyn bring u a simple recipe...a glassssssic, da one and only everybodyhashadit THE SANDWICH! This cooks are something else. U will never look at a sandwich again the same way...u know what Lyn mean, the same way u look at a beggar on a street intersection while u are in a hurry trying to drive trough a yellow light  in the middle of a hot sunny day after driving for several months with the AC broken down and many debts to pay. Enjoy the meal!

MAKING A SANDWICH, N. 3 from pietroc on Vimeo.

miércoles, 7 de septiembre de 2011


Somtimes throwing food away is a GOOD thing like my very BEST friend Marta would say. Today Lyn will start her series on Culinary Highlights, a culinary arts and critik secction on ARTYFAKT. aaaaaAAAAAALLLABOARD! Before da train leave u behind. AH! And LONG LIVE  LA Patrona and her taco bell!

domingo, 4 de septiembre de 2011



viernes, 2 de septiembre de 2011


 Wheres Madame Carmen? She is certainly NOT in San Diego, neither shopping or at Plaza las Américas. Lyn recently found her waiting for her next appearance in the shores of a floating island somewhere in the Caribbean but to Lyns surprise this lovely lady was waiting in vain for her yearly voyage to the holly waters.

While Lyn friends were entertained by high speed boats galore to enter a raise, non comparable to this hair rising experience that Lyn witnessed, Madame Carmen faced the whole picture goin on right in front of her charming presence. Lyn talked to her caretakers, u know the people that clean her house and make sure that everybody pays respects when entering her chateau, and asked "how come Madame is not taking her yearly cruise? This one caretaker told Lyn that for the first time in history, and it was not Madame Carmen's desition, they let all of the holly Lyns fiebrú friends take over the holly waters to celebrate their high speed frenzyness, that Carmen could wait to celebrate her yearly birthday cruise...aaaAAAAAANYWAYS Carmen seemed to be aware of the yamahamasituation and did not look worry at all. She just stood over there welcoming everybody to this new high speed nirvana experience. Lyn is preety sure that this holly lady was amazed herself to be able to let go a hundred years tradition to give way to a new tantalizing experience.

After Lyn payed her respects to Carmen and chit chat with her for a while about everythin pertinent, including her new style in accesories like the plastic flower wreath and blingful escapularios, it was time to go. Carmen approached Lyn and gave her the most beautiful plastic roses you will ever see.  Lyn and Madame Carmen looked at each other mischieviously thinkin that next cruise birthday celebration is around the corner, just wait-n-see how her wooden yolita will upgrade and be pimped up next year, let's wait and see who's gonna win da race an still be in shape to knock at San Pedros door still having the wig in place.


jueves, 1 de septiembre de 2011


YES! Lyn just have  a NEW and IMPROVED business OVER HERE. If u like 2 have som more info. on previous transactions plis visit over there. THANX!


Madame Lyn-Go-Tee Hurtado welcome ALL off her friends 2 visit ARTYKAKT 2 b updated wich means AL DÍA with da artworld in Madames very own brew... aaaaAAAAAAALLLABOARD!