domingo, 11 de septiembre de 2011


It has been 10 years since Lyn encountered the face of horror on a TV set. During a lovely morning shoppin @ Plaza and while researching 4 a new 150 inches plasma tv suddenly the programming being showed on the razzle dazzle array of scopearama entertainment display changed. First it was like a toy airplane flyng accross the tube hittin somkinda highrise...Lyn stood there watchin the strange novela until she hit reality, what was goin on there was no game. It was probably 9 in the morning and Plaza was'nt still completely on the go so Lyn could not see anybody else around 2 ask about this novela chapter, only a news anchormen as impressed as Lyn let her know that somthin fishy was goin on. After that the rest is a story that the whole world know...Plaza would never b the same.

Every time Lyn get ready 2 visit the nirvana shopping off the floatin island she rememorates that horrible day when her shoppin dreams almost came 2 and end. Every time Lyn enters Plaza she can not stop thinkin what it will b about the day that her happines shrine dissapears because of som crazy unempathic dude decides that shopping somwhere else will b a better option, that putting all the shopping golden eggs in one basket is no good option and it will 4 ever make u have second thoughts about the way we were as Barbara Streisand woul sing.

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