martes, 13 de septiembre de 2011


Sebastián Vallejo. Constant flashbacks. 2011

Last Saturday Lyn had the privilege of visiting a very kindaunique buffet. The name of the local Metroplataforma Organizada, if that will b ever possible, Lyn mean 2 organize anything in this exciting organically planned island city. As soon as Lyn entered the fancy state she encountered an eclectic array of delicious food 4 ur eyes-only. Lyn started backwards because dessert was so BIG and brightful that there was no other way 2 get started. The aperitif prepared by young Sebastián Vallejo found in the menu by the name "Constant Flashbacks" left Lyn sighting for the rest of the weekend. The brightly flavored yellow colors and blue and green make u ask for more sweet sour pungent experiences. This buoy cookin is goin places, it has had  already, and Lyn expect 2 see more of his original dishes over the tables of the BEST artsy schmancy affairs arounda World. 

Héctor Arce. Pinneaple Ewer (Black). 2011
                                                                                Fruits are always a must in Lyns diet and off course this plataforma pipol have them available 4 special clients. As a Caribbean global Lady Lyn did not have other choice than 2 ask 4 an exotic black pineapple variety home grown by Mr. Héctor Arce. The variety named after "Pineapple Ewer (Black)" would impress any greedy botanist or biotechnologist and they would make sure to secretly get rid of all possibilities to restrain mankind from taking over this strange edible to avoid confusion in the market. Brightly yellow pineapples nicely and identically shaped will always be the choice for the discriminate eye and who knows about the taste.
Norma Vila. Contador de presagios. 2011
Eggs are a delicacy and non the less the platform 4 this menu has a choice for the ovo lacto vegetarians. Madame Norma Vila, very well known for her extreme culinary experiments with proteins presented us in the menu a beautiful kebab that even Chinese street foodies would like to copycat. The delicacy of this serving made Lyn to rethink out of the eggs box. This ethereal delight serving called "Contador de presagios (maqueta) was fun 2 eat. Count your blessings without shattering them if u dare 2 order this plate. The aftertaste of this "hor d' oeuvre left Lyn reflecting about which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Javier Bosques. Peleando la pámpana. Video. 2009

The main course was a HIT! After the hard-boiled decision, Lyn decided to stick by a wonderful tenderized purple violet pámpano dish called "Peliando la pámpana". Iron Chef Javier Bosques is definitively a risky foodie. Forget about Bourdain or even Andrew Zimmern, this dude would knock them both on da face in the first 2 seconds of the first cooking round and let them begin 4 more pámpano. His fellow culinary artistic cooks above demonstrated to have a glass jaw full of water. Javier's rabbit punch is no fair 2 their fellow opponents but Lyn is not going to kiss and tell.

The over dinner talk was wonderful if only one thing left Lyn and her friends in shock...A HAIR ON DA PLATE! Yes! Immediately José Hernández Castrodad, the manager, apologized. He said that the hair was not just any common hair that it belonged to a sous chef that was about to become their Main Chef Monsieur Omar Obdulio Peña Forty. Castrodad promised no more hair raising experiences and invited Lyn 2 meet the newcomer. Forty and Lyn had a great conversation on capillary epiphanies and mishaps. We both laughed and Mr. Castrodad seemed 2 be relieved by the  whole situation. Everybody was pleased with the ambiance and of course with the menu. Lyn finished the lovely evening washing away the flavors with a cup of Coca Cola and said good bye with the promise of comming back 4 more culinary arts.
   Omar Obdulio Peña Forty. Ilustración de Oller con 
Cerquillo. 20011

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