viernes, 2 de septiembre de 2011


 Wheres Madame Carmen? She is certainly NOT in San Diego, neither shopping or at Plaza las Américas. Lyn recently found her waiting for her next appearance in the shores of a floating island somewhere in the Caribbean but to Lyns surprise this lovely lady was waiting in vain for her yearly voyage to the holly waters.

While Lyn friends were entertained by high speed boats galore to enter a raise, non comparable to this hair rising experience that Lyn witnessed, Madame Carmen faced the whole picture goin on right in front of her charming presence. Lyn talked to her caretakers, u know the people that clean her house and make sure that everybody pays respects when entering her chateau, and asked "how come Madame is not taking her yearly cruise? This one caretaker told Lyn that for the first time in history, and it was not Madame Carmen's desition, they let all of the holly Lyns fiebrú friends take over the holly waters to celebrate their high speed frenzyness, that Carmen could wait to celebrate her yearly birthday cruise...aaaAAAAAANYWAYS Carmen seemed to be aware of the yamahamasituation and did not look worry at all. She just stood over there welcoming everybody to this new high speed nirvana experience. Lyn is preety sure that this holly lady was amazed herself to be able to let go a hundred years tradition to give way to a new tantalizing experience.

After Lyn payed her respects to Carmen and chit chat with her for a while about everythin pertinent, including her new style in accesories like the plastic flower wreath and blingful escapularios, it was time to go. Carmen approached Lyn and gave her the most beautiful plastic roses you will ever see.  Lyn and Madame Carmen looked at each other mischieviously thinkin that next cruise birthday celebration is around the corner, just wait-n-see how her wooden yolita will upgrade and be pimped up next year, let's wait and see who's gonna win da race an still be in shape to knock at San Pedros door still having the wig in place.


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