viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2011

ENTROPY: Conversation about conversating about the Business of Science and Art in a Global World that leave u thinkin what da hell am I doin here

Lyn recently assisted to a lovely conversation in Metroplataforma organizada which is a hip getoguedaplace for cool artists like moi. During this talk-o-rama conversation Lyn had an epiphany: Artists make Art therefore they are. It was a global reunion and the moderator Mr. Castrodad was so nice to present the happening preceded by an insightful dialogue between Mr. Artist Sebastian Vallejo and Mr. Gorgeous Ralph Vázquez. The globalization of the conversation was guided in Lyns FAVORITE language, broken English English". It was a methodic chaos between Sebastian Vallejo and Gorgeous Ralph very well organized, Lyn might call it glittery entropy. 

The spectators were speechless with such a profound chemical romance between art and science. The business of art was an issue because when artists try 2 enter the business rat race THAT is the greatest off experiments. Mr. Sebastian knows that for a fact and Globalization is the formula...LYN KNEW IT! Picasso came to the panorama as the young artist perfect example of fame and success 2 b followed since Mr. Pablo was a precursor, as Vallejo mentioned and considers, because nobody talks about famous Picasso as the Spaniard artist but as the *Wonderful Global artist.

Charming Sebastian talked about the fact that being the kiddy of a famous Puerto Rican local artist painter is not an easy thing 2 swallow. The shadows of papa doc haunt him and step on his tender heels day and night and even make him get into a wrestling contest against copycatism. It is a BIG issue hard 2 get over with but this kiddo will be ok...Lyn think...Lyn pense...Lyn sais pas!

For a while we heard more artyfakts from the beautiful words of Mr. Ralph full of very important academic data and lablyngo. It was a very helpful presentation from his part, 2 bad no scientists were around. Lyn is pretty sure these absent scientists missed a historic dissertation about art and science.

For a long a while Lyn heard and heard and herd the sheeps of wordily artistic expression even though she missed Miss Collado insight on the theme.

It was a fancy talk that evening and Lyn came out of that scientific chaos platform kinda informed about the business of science and art. On the way out of the platform door, where the experiment took place, Lyn found a very confused Lady that told Lyn that she believed in the national language of art and that left Lyn thinking and scratching her head 4 a while. The Lady was a glamorous museum expert and Lyn told her that it was ok 2 b confused, that what had happened there was a necessary entropy that makes this business of art B what ever it will B will B.

 *Boys and Gials artists 2 B, take note on this scientific formula.

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