jueves, 6 de octubre de 2011

CHUMALACATERA MAQUINOLANDERA: The hippest BEST kept secret in town

"no me hables tanta bobera/ no seas tan pamplinera/ estoy plantando bandera " - Ismael Rivera

Certainly Cafetín El Reyno @ Corona St. is the place where Lyn can find many services @ once. This wonderland *cafetin owned by Don Tony, the Godfather of Love and chichaito, is for sure one of the places where Lyn have felt the happiest of moments dancin in the streets with way better steps than Bowie and Jagger. 

Located in the truest space, within the neighborhood where Maelo grew up and skiddadle to another world, El Reyno promises you more than blissful heavenly canecas of chichaito and the best vellonera music dressed up like an Ipod showing of buttylicious mamisongas while you can play from Ismael Riveras greatest HITS to outta this world Enanitos Verdes.  The drinks can be bought through a little tiny winy window from the outside of the building or you can walk inside and have a ball playing pool on top of a beautiful blue table. Drinks are cheap and neighbor’s hugs and smiles are priceless. Talking about neighbors, YESS, they are the best service you can get over there. When these folks get their Bomba drums and tumbadoras gettoutoffdaway. Besides the truest smiles and hugs you will ever receive you can also get all the best  kept secrets in town starting from love, passion and even how to clean your undies or white gowns to get the whitest of whites while you listen to La Lupe and watch some dudes holding a limbo stick...this is sirius matter and do not expect to be able to attend all these happenings in one night, it is only possible for a local to multitask into this matters. 

Don Tony, the almighty of El Reyno, is a miracle of Love and Lyn knows 4 a fakt. Last time Lyn visited the cafetín Don Tony was not around and was heavily missed. Instead his Dear Family was attending business, as usual, with the same Love and affection that they have inherited from The Patriarch. The example of this is obvious because through the years this heavenly place that have witnessesd joy and mishaps is still for Lyn the best kept secret in town and that Lyn knows for sure when she sees Moorish and Christians dancing together to the rhythm of an anonymous maquinolandera that offers the best she can give u including hughs, kisses and the truest hand slaps you will EVER receive.

*As a matter of fakt Lyn have never seen a coffee machine @ Cafetín El Reyno...Lyn have never missed it anyways...u know?!

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