jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011

Click! Click! FLASH FLASH: Between fast food rubbish and loose ends

Big MAC will never be looked at the same way after Lyns visit. Now we are talking high rolling slow digestive visions with more than a million desires served. Hurry while the combo offer lasts! This time and 4 the first time, for a minimum fee, u can obtain 2 thingies 4 the price of one, a family size oferta served by LaChapelle and LittleChapel. Thus Lyn is not talking about any junk foodie…Lyn mean flashy, BIG, and famously outrageous, very similar to our innermost desires.

Trailer park project. Jason Mena
Talking about the LittleChapel Lyn stumbled upon a little wagon and it was such a provocative dare that Lyn had to hop into the ride to see what was in store. A very gentle gentleman took Lyn by the hand and helped her enter into the guaguita where an array of random images was neatly arranged. The gentle gentleman told Lyn that the creator of these images, Mr. Jason Mena, was probably “the second most important famous artist in Puerto Rico” and he started to number a series of curricular stuff to convince Lyn that YES! This guaguita was for real and that Lyn had the privilege for taking a ride in it. Lyn was told that the photographyator takes the pictures algarete, random snap shots of graffiti, walls and street stuff while the famous creator travels around the globe…this guy is a genius! Off course it is like a tripleta wagon ready to fill your hunger even if u get a stomach ache at 3:00 in da morning.

Sofía Cáceres Nazario. That summer. Chromogenic print mounted on sintra

After the guaguita gentle gentleman forgot about Lyns presence, and hopping off at the next stop was almost a catastrophe falling down from Lyns high heels, a beautiful sighting full of rubbish and heavenly light stroke Lyns retina. Some young groupie of this kinda visions recommended Lyn to look for Mademoiselle Sofía Cáceres shrine and Lyn decided to faithfully believe this guy because the face of Sofía was so young and beautiful like a milagro about to happen at this place. There was the miracle right in a corner, like the way miracles happen unexpectedly. A mysterious guy on his way out of a room full of trashy stuff was about to cross a doorway where the most beautiful illumination was flooding the garbage room. If this miracle does not make anyone to be a believer get ready cause that means the world is coming to and end, sooner than we expect.

Camilo Carrión. Ballons and cotton candy.
Inkject print on vinyl
On the way out of the Big MAC Lyn encountered a sticky stuff that left her skirt full of loose end threads: A pink glass window full of cotton candy by Monsieur Camilo Carrión… umju! It was a happy vision as Lyn walked the land of broken dreams. Lyn had to hurry and had to take the vision to go, through the drive through window before some lady grabbed her from the last string hanging from the skirt.

This famous local, the Big MAC, is working hard to go global places against all odds. The catastrophic visions stored inside this lovely place are like a message of artful implosion telling Lyn that the blingful life is a wonderful ride. C’mon! Hop in and dare to take a look straight to the eyes of algaretismo and desires, aaAAAAANYWAYS what is the worst that could happen?! Just a little crash against reality that will leave you with the whitest orbit smile you can ever get…u know?!

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